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Success story: Las Crucitas, Costa Rica, said “no” to cyanide-mining in 2010

September 5, 2011

The people from Costa Rica succeeded, after 17 years of struggle. Sign the Rosia Montana petition and help the local people in Rosia Montana chase away the mining company.

People in Costa Rica, celebrating victory

Here is the Las Crucitas story:

Las Crucitas is a town from Costa Rica, where a Canadian company (Infinito Gold Ltd.) would have wanted to open an open-pit gold mine involving the use of cyanide.

The Canadian company arrives in Costa Rica. it is not welcomed by the people from Las Crucitas

before 2008:
Las Crucitas was supposedly protected by Costa Rica’s strict laws on environmental preservation, being the home to endangered species of trees and the great green macaw.

the then president Oscar Arias overruled the environmental preservation laws by declaring that mining in Las Crucitas would be in the national interest. And so opposition to the mine continued.

May 2010:
the European Parliament issued a resolution on the general prohibition of the use of technologies based on cyanide mining.

May 2010:
Oscar Arias’ presidential term came to an end.
The groups in opposition to the mine petitioned the new president Laura Chincilla to repeal the national interest decree.

November 2010:
The case finally returned to court and the national interest decree was declared invalid along with the mining contract. The court also ordered a criminal investigation into the former president and environment minister for having signed off on a decree stating that the open-pit gold mine was in the public’s interest.

Court says ‘no’ to Crucitas gold mine
Costa Rican court shuts down Canadian gold mine
About the Canadian company


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