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Famous Romanian violinist Alexandru Tomescu publicly dissociates from RMGC

September 6, 2011

Cluj, Romania, February 2011: A couple of hours before an important concert in Cluj, violinist Alexandru Tomescu found out one of the sponsors of the concert was Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC), a controversial mining company who would want to open a cyanide gold mine in Rosia Montana, Romania.

Therefore, Alexandru Tomescu decided to honor his public, but to donate all the money he earned for that performance to the Save Rosia Montana Association, an NGO created by the locals in Rosia Montana in order to fight RMGC.

Here’s the announcement he made, live, on stage:

“I came with great joy to this concert this evening. Such a big and historical event involves a lot of work. Therefore both I and Toma Popovici (piano player, Ed.) want to thank and congratulate the organizers for their effort.

But we have a very important notice to make: we want to dissociate ourselves very clearly from Rosia Montana Gold Corporation and from all the actions of this company. As a sign of solidarity with those who are trying to save Rosia Montana, both me, and Toma Popovici, decided to donate all of this evening’s honorary to the Association Save Rosia Montana.

Thank you.”


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