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“We can’t trust this company anymore” Say the Citizens Relocated by RMGC to Alba Iulia

September 9, 2011

Since it’s arrival in Rosia Montana almost 10 years ago, Rosia Montana Gold Corporation has started buying land and houses from the locals. Most of the people were afterwards relocated to a nearby city, Alba Iulia, in a new neighborhood built especially for them by RMGC.
The company has also built a new road, in Piatra Alba.

“If they will build the dam in Corna just like they built the houses at Recea and the road in Piatra Alba, I pity the people living below the dam”

A couple of years after they first believed the company’s promises, the relocated people are sorry for selling their land and homes and say they’ve lost trust in the company.
“People are afraid to talk”, says Dionisie Andreica, one of the few who agreed to have his name published.
Mr. Andreica says the houses were not built according to contract:

“In the project and in the contract it is written that we’ll have wooden doors, actually the doors that we have inside are fake wood. It is written that, at the entrance, there will be windows with aluminum thermo frames, but in reality those are plastic ones, of the worst possible quality. If a dog is running outside, you can hear inside, the windows have no noise protection at all.
And the roads. After less than a year, all of them are already cracked. It is a lack of respect as I’ve never experienced.
They will build the mine and the dam just like they built the houses. We can’t trust anything they say anymore”, Mr. Andreica says.

He is not the only one complaining.
“I am worried, because I chose to live bellow the future dam, if it will ever be built. RMGC has built a road, in Piatra Alba, everybody knows, which, without much traffic, already broke two times and collapsed into the people’s gardens. They built the Recea neighborhood and, after one year, they keep on repairing those new houses… How can you be relaxed when the same representatives of the company promise they will build the highest dam in Europe and that there won’t be any problems?”, says another man.

Another man relocated from Rosia Montana says:
“I, for one, can’t live in the Gold lie. I can’t! For example, this neighborhood started with a lie. They bought the land (in Rosia Montana, Ed.) with 3 EU per square meter and they said they will sell the new land (in Alba Iulia) for the same price, but they sold it to us for 12.5 EU per square meter. This is how they used us and made a profit. I am sorry I sold the house without negotiating. It would have been better for me to be there today, in Rosia, it wood have been safer for me and my family.”

Source: [RO] Cotidianul


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