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Romanian Ministry of Economy “declassifies” documents that were never secret. The NGOs require the minister’s resignation

September 13, 2011

In the evening of September the 5th, the Romanian Prime Minister announced live on TV that the contract between the Romanian state and RMGC had been published on the Ministry of Economy’s website.
In fact, only some unimportant documents had been published, documents that any Romanian citizen could have had access to, via the Registry of Commerce.

As a response to what they called “deliberate misinforming”, Romanian NGOs issued an open letter, requiring the minister’s resignation and the declassifying of the main documents and all their annexes.

In attention of Mr. Emil Boc, Prim Minister of the Romanian Government
In attention of Mr. Ion Ariton, Minister of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment

September 13th 2011

Mr. Prime Minister,

Mr. Minister of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment,

Since the evening of September the 5th, when the Romanian Prime-Minister announced on national TV that the contract between the Romanian State and RMGC had been published on the Economy Ministry’s website, we watched, in astonishment, the wide resonance created within the press by this misinforming done, in a total lack of respect towards truth and towards public opinion, by the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business.

For many years now, the “Alburnus Maior” association and other organizations belonging to the civil society repeatedly and unsuccessfully asked for the declassifying of the concession license for the mining exploitation first issued by the Romanian state to Minvest Deva company and afterwards transferred to Rosia Montana Gold Corporation.
The free public access to the information in this license should have been the starting point of any democratic, honest and fair debate regarding the costs and benefits of the exploitation project proposed at Rosia Montana, considering that the license of concession for the exploitation contains vital information regarding the development plan of exploitation, the ecological impact, the risk analysis, the after-exploitation rebuilding plan, the proof of technical and financial capacity of the holder, the exploitation perimeter, and the holder’s duties based on the development plan and the rebuilding plan.

To our disappointment, the gesture of the Ministry of Economics of publishing certain documents regarding RMGC was intended not to provide transparency, as it would be normal in a constitutional state, but misinforming.

We consider unacceptable the disregard of public opinion by the so called declassifying of documents that were never secret, such as is the case of constitutive documents of any company that operates in Romania. Any Romanian citizen could have had access to the documents published on the Ministry of Economics website, after filing a simple request at the Registry of Commerce, and furthermore, those documents had already been published by the press more than a year ago.

It is not the constitutive documents of RMGC, nor their annexes, the documents that should be brought to public view, as the Ministry of Economics implies and as most of the press from Romania understood, but the “Concession license for the exploitation of gold-silver materials from the perimeter Rosia Montana, Alba County nr. 47/1999”, signed between the National Agency for Mineral Resources and the National Company of Copper, Gold and Metal “MINVEST” SA Deva, and approved by Government Decision no 458/1999, transferred afterwards to SC Rosia Montana Gold Corporation SA, and all it’s annexes, classified as confidential information through Order 202/2003, signed by the ex-president of National Agency for Mineral Resources, Mihail Ianas.

As a response to this unprecedented misinform coming from a government institution, we require:

1. The resignation of minister Ion Ariton, for misleading the Prime Minister and the public opinion.

2. The declassification of the license of mining exploitation no 47/1999 and of all it’s annexes, considering that an honest and democratic public debate regarding the costs or benefits of the project of exploitation proposed in Rosia Montana is unimaginable in the absence of vital information contained within this license and that the object of this exploitation – the gold-silver mineral resource – belongs to the Romanian State, therefore to all Romanian citizens, and the consequences of this contract, whatever they may be, will be in the end supported by the taxpayers.

Asociatia „Alburnus Maior”

Asociatia Salvati Bucurestiul

Centrul Independent pentru Dezvoltarea Resurselor de Mediu

Fundatia Culturala Rosia Montana
L’Alliance Belgo-Roumaine

Centrul Independent pentru Protectia Mediului Sebes

Asociatia Frontului Negustoresc Obor

Asociatia Eco-Civica

Asociatia pentru protejarea Animalelor NUCA
ActiveWatch-Agentia de Monitorizare a Presei
RPER, Romania

RPER-Fr “Rencontres du Patrimoine Europe-Roumanie”

Asociatia Heritage
Asociatia Pro_Do_Mo
Asociatia pentru Dezvoltare Urbana
Asociatiei Odaia Creativa
Asociatia Bucuresti
Organizatia pentru Promovarea Transportului Alternativ in Romania

The Medium Coalition, with the following members:

Actiunea Civica Directa
Actiunea Ecologica Romana
Amoeba Eco Center
Asociatia 22 Decembrie 1989
Asociatia Agent Green
Asociatia AGORA – Grup de Lucru pentru Dezvoltare Durabila
Asociatia ALMA-RO
Asociatia ARIN
Asociatia Biosilva
Asociatia Brasovul Verde
Asociatia Centrul pentru Strategia de Dezvoltare Durabila
Asociatia de Ecoturism din Romania
Asociatia de Hidroecologie si Bioclimatologie
Asociatia de Turism si Ecologie Caltun – Club UNESCO
Asociatia EcoAssist
Asociatia Ecologica Turismverde
Asociatia Ecologie-Sport-Turism
Asociatia Ecologista “Floare de Colt”
Asociatia EcoPrut
Asociatia Ecouri Verzi
Asociatia Greeninitiative
Asociatia Grupul Milvus
Asociatia Heidenroslein
Asociatia Iubim Natura
Asociatia Mai Bine
Asociatia MaiMultVerde
Asociatia pentru Dezvoltare Durabila Dunarea de Jos
Asociatia pentru Dezvoltare Durabila Timis
Asociatia pentru Mediu si Turism Ulmul Cerasului
Asociatia pentru Protectia Liliecilor din Romania
Asociatia pentru Protectia Mediului Green Cross simleul Silvaniei
Asociatia Salvati Dunarea si Delta
Asociatia Sighisoara Durabila
Asociatia Tinerilor pentru Excelenta
Asociatia tinutul Secuiesc Verde
Asociatia Transilvania Verde
Asociatia Turistica Sportiva Civica si Ecologista Clubul de Cicloturism “Napoca”
Asociatia WWF Programul Dunare-Carpati Romania
Centrul de Consultanta Ecologica Galati
Centrul de Resurse Ecopolis
Centrul Regional de Supraveghere Ecologica “Muntii Apuseni”
Clubul de Ecologie si Turism “Floarea Reginei”
Clubul de Ecologie si Turism Montan Albamont
Clubul de Turism si Ecologie Transmont Fagaras
Clubul Eco Montan “Origini Verzi”
Clubul Ecologic Transilvania
Clubul Sporturilor Montane Hunedoara
Ecotop Oradea
Federatia Reteaua de Actiune pentru Clima
Focus Eco Center
Fundatia ACTIVITY pentru Resurse Umane si Dezvoltare Durabila
Fundatia pentru Parteneriat
Fundatia TERRA Mileniul III
Geo Natura
Mare Nostrum
Organizatia GeoEcologica ACCENT
ProPark Fundatia pentru Arii Protejate
Societatea Carpatina Ardeleana
Societatea Ornitologica Romana
Tinerii Ecologi Romani din Iasi
Viitor Plus – Asociatia pentru Dezvoltare Durabila
Fundatia de Ecologie si Turism POTAISSA
Asociatia ECO Sud-Vest Romania
Fundatia Strawberrynet
Asociatia 34Life
Centrul de Informare asupra Organismelor Modificate Genetic – InfOMG



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