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Romanian President caught lying while lobbying for RMGC

September 18, 2011

Romanian President Traian Basescu was accused of trying to manipulate public opinion, after his recent statements made for a TV show that aired on PRO TV on Sunday, Sept 18th.

During the interview he showed pictures, taken with his own camera, of Rosia Montana (he said).
Later during the day, Romanian mathematician Dan Selaru wrote on his blog[RO], proving that the pictures the President claimed represented Rosia Montana, were actually representing former village Geamana, flooded with toxic waste from Rosia Poieni, a polluted mining site 10 km away from Rosia Montana.

“Rosia Montana doesn’t look like that. This could be a glimpse of the future though”, Dan Selaru wrote on his blog.

One of the Canadian company’s claims is that Rosia Montana is already polluted, therefore their mining project proposal would also be beneficial from an ecological point of view, bringing the money to ecologize the site post-exploitation.

Forgive us for becoming a little too personal, but the truth behind the RMGC’s pseudo-logic reads: “you have a polluted area (or at least we will prove as such), therefore we will start the exploitation, pollute it more, thus helping from an ecological point of view.”

Here are the pictures:

1. The picture taken by the Romanian president, via [RO]

2. A picture of Rosia Montana


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