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Protest march in Romania: September 19th-27th

September 19, 2011


For 9 days a protest march will take place in Romania. The participants will walk from Bacau to Bucharest (road E85, see the map here), in order to spread the news that Rosia Montana is not for sale.


– bring a little piece of gold, for the Romanian State’s representative – the President, a symbolical gesture aimed at persuading him and RMGC to leave Rosia Montana alone.
– this is a peaceful protest. The organizers encourage you to walk peacefully, with grace, demonstrating inner balance and respect for moral values. Religious people could pray, all others are encouraged to meditate and enjoy the silence. be civilized 🙂

Departure time: September 19th, 9AM
from: Bacau city

will go through the following cities: Bacau, Adjud, Focsani, Ramnicu Sarat, Buzau, Bucharest (see the map)

Arrival time: September 27th
Meeting point: Cotroceni Presidential Palace, Bucharest


official blog [RO]:
twitter account [EN]&[RO]:
fb account [RO]:
the protest’s initiator: Florin Suciu


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