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Who is: Florin Suciu

September 19, 2011

Florin Suciu is the initiator of the protest march “Marsul Aurului” (officially part of the Save Rosia Montana Campaign).

He is 35 years old and he lives in Bacau. He is married, with two children, a 2 years old girl and a 7 months old boy.

“I am a simple Romanian citizen. My conscience and the moral values I believe in made me take a stand. That’s why I decided to march to Bucharest and carry the news that Rosia Montana is not for sale.
And, for that march to have a practical and symbolical value, I will personally deliver to Cotroceni Palace, to Romanian President Traian Basescu, a piece of gold, according to my means. This is a donation on behalf of my family so that they will leave the gold in Rosia Montana alone”, he says, on the protest’s blog [RO].

NGO and political background

After a couple of years of actions organized via his own NGO, “Asociatia Iubim Natura” (“We Love Nature Associaton”), he decided to enter the political arena, and he became the President of the Bacau city subsidiary of the Romanian Ecologist Party.
One month ago, he resigned from this position, after a talk with the President of the Romanian Ecologist Party (PER), Mr. Danut Pop, a talk that left him disappointed with PER’s position regarding the Rosia Montana project. (Even though it is an ecological party, PER hasn’t yet publicly expressed it’s disagreement with the mining project proposed by RMGC.)

You can meet him

He will walk to Bucharest via Bacau, Adjud, Focsani, Ramnicu Sarat, Buzau, Bucharest (via route E85, here’s the map) – find out where the march has arrived via twitter
in Bucharest, Cotroceni Presidential Palace, on September 27th
in Rosia Montana, between September 28th and September 30th

Join the march, to help Save Rosia Montana!


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