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“The regulator for the audio visual sector favors RMGC” (Carmen Moldovan, deputy)

October 10, 2011

The Romanian regulator for the audio visual sector in Romania, CNA, fails to protect public opinion from misinforming, says Carmen Moldovan, deputy of the Romanian Parliament.

Carmen Moldovan issued a complaint regarding a radio spot belonging to the RMGC campaign, on grounds that it contains major distortions of reality regarding the number of jobs the company would create in Rosia Montana, if the mining project would be approved.
CNA denied the complaint.

“The reasons offered by CNA are hallucinatory by their lack of logic and legal basis. According to law, especially Law no. 363/2007, CNA should watch that the public is being correctly informed”, says deputy Carmen Moldovan.

“Nevertheless, they concluded there is no danger to public opinion because the spot is not being broadcasted anymore(!), it being replaced by a TV ad that contains general statements. What do we do about the people who listened to the spot and who were the victims of obvious misinforming?“, she asks.

“CNA betrays its legal purpose and, instead of protecting public opinion from an obvious attempt to misinform, favors RMGC”, concludes Carmen Moldovan.

In 2009, TV ads of RMGC were stopped from broadcasting, two days before the end of the campaign

Alburnus Maior, an NGO created by the locals in Rosia Montana, also issued, in 2009, a petition to Romania’s Audiovisual Council, regarding “badvertising” TV ads of RMGC. You can read details about it here [EN]. Pdf document of the Petition [RO], here.
Ioan Onisei, vice-president of CNA, admitted at the time that the RMGC TV ads “misinform and manipulate”.
CNA decided, in 2009, to stop the broadcasting of the RMGC TV ads, two days before the end of the campaign.

[RO] Carmen Moldovan: CNA face jocul companiei Rosia Montana Gold Corporation

[EN] Romania’s Audiovisual Council is warned that Gabriel’s TV ads are manipulative
[RO] 2009 – CNA opreste difuzarea spoturilor TV ale RMGC cu doua zile inainte de incheierea campaniei

[RO] (pdf) Sesizare CNA Alburnus Maior 2009


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