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Sunt un om, cetatean roman. In urma cu cateva saptamani, am vazut pe internet aceste 3 inregistrari: unu, doi, trei.
Pana atunci, credeam ca locuitorii din Rosia Montana vor sa se faca proiectul RMGC, desi proiectul mi se parea si atunci o aberatie. Dupa ce am vazut filmele, mi-am dat seama ca nu vor. Oameni frumosi, verticali, puternici. M-am decis sa ii ajut.

De ce nu spun cine sunt? Prietenii stiu deja, multi de pe grupurile de fb stiu deja. Vreau sa limitez cat pot de mult interactiunea dintre persoana mea si angajatii RMGC, vezi proverbul “daca te pui cu porcii, te mananca”.

Va multumesc pentru intelegere si sper ca acest blog va fi util pentru voi si ca veti gasi aici informatii interesante. Sunt multe articole in engleza (aici), in cazul in care vreti sa le aduceti in atentia institutiilor internationale.


I am a human being, a Romanian citizen. A couple of weeks ago, I saw on the Internet these 3 recordings: one, two, three.
Until then, I thought the locals in Rosia Montana wanted this project to be done, even though, even at that time, the project seemed to me absurd and obviously bad for Romania. After I saw these recordings, I realized the locals don’t approve of this project. Honest, beautiful, strong people. I decided to help them.

Why don’t I say my name? My friends already know about this blog, many from fb groups know who I am. I want to limit as much as possible the interaction between my private life and identity and the RMGC employees. There is a Romanian proverb that says: “if you confront pigs, they’ll eat you”, and I would feel dirty to interact with them.

Thank you for your attention and I hope you will find this blog to be informing and useful. English articles, here.

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