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Abusive intervention of the Romanian Gendarmerie in support of RMGC

March 2, 2012

In a press release published today, Save Rosia Montana Campaign publicly condemns the brutal intervention of the Romanian Gendarmerie during the football game between Romania and Uruguay.

During the game, at minute 60, a banner bearing the inscription “FRF=RMGC” was shown by supporters, as a response to this – a “yes men” type action, that revealed the president of FRF (Romanian Football Federation) would accept hilarious demands for an eventual sponsorship from a controversial mining company, RMGC (Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, owned by Gabriel Resources and Minvest Deva).

Save Rosia Montana Campaign also expressed it’s solidarity with supporters of the national football team, who were beaten by gendarmes and exposed to tear gas, while peacefully expressing their freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

Here are some links to videos showing the events.

This video shows the moment when BGS employees try taking the FRF=RMGC banner. Tens of supporters peacefully stand in front of the people who were holding the banner, to prevent the security forces from taking it. The crowd shouts “Romania, Police State”.
Around min 4 of this recording, the gendarmes use tear gas.
At min 5, the whole arena shouts “Shame, shame on you”.

Here’s a more dramatic recording, taken from a closer distance, by a person who was, along with others, exposed to tear gas.

For Romanian speakers, here’s the visual story, for short, with excerpts from TV news programs.


[RO] Official press release Interventie abuziva a Jandarmeriei in sprijinul RMGC

the hilarious history of FRF=RMGC, inspired by Yes Men (press CC in the bar below the video to activate EN subtitles)

FRF=RMGC banner held up, in spite of pressure from BGS employees

take a closer look

for Romanian speakers, the whole story, for short


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